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If you have any enquiries about SVP100 which are not answered on this site, please email us at info@svp100.co.uk.

Who we are

Matthew Hearne
Race Director

Matthew Hearne grew up on the Essex Suffolk border, adjacent to the River Stour. He has enjoyed many walks and runs along the valley path, and being a keen ultra-runner and endurance athlete, thought he’d like to share the beauty of the Stour Valley with fellow runners. Matthew has completed a number of long distance endurance events, including the Marathon de Sables, CCC, Comrades, Davos 78k, Eco-Trail de Paris and 5x Ironman Triathlons.

Nic Clarke
Race Logistics Manager

Nic Clarke, a keen ultra distance runner, moved back to the Essex Suffolk countryside where he grew up and spent many fun filled hours. Since those early days, he has completed many marathons, 50mile and 100mile running events, as well as Ironman France. He was also one of the 7 member team which successfully became the first ever expedition to travel from The Dead Sea to the peak of Mt Everest – the bottom of the world to the top.


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