Registration SVP50

If you are visiting this page, you must be seriously considering taking on this challenge. For your bravery, we salute you! Please bear in mind that the overall distance is 50km (31 miles), and that the majority of the route is trail. We encourage you to join us if you are confident that you can cover this distance in the time limit of 9.5 hours and you will be aged 20 years or over on the date of the race.

Before deciding to sign up, we would prefer that you have run a trail marathon within the last couple of years and comfortably completed it within 6.5hrs, to ensure that you have both the experience and pace to complete this type of event. A full list of trail marathons can be found on the 100 Marathon Club website and an excellent example would be the Stour Valley Marathon. If you have a trail marathon in your running CV, then please sign up using the form below and we very much look forward to welcoming you on the day of the run.

By entering the race, you declare that you agree to abide by the rules of the race and accept full responsibility for your actions (and the actions of your supporters) throughout the day of the race. You can confirm that the medical details provided are accurate as of the time of submitting your entry, and you will be responsible for providing updated medical details to the organisers on the date of the race should my medical circumstances change. You also agree that any videos or photos taken during the event can be used by the race organisers for marketing purposes. You understand that the race organisers will keep my contact details on record for communication purposes only and won’t provide details to any third parties.

The race will be held under UK Athletics rules.




A list of registered runners can be found here.

All runners that sign up will also receive a 10% off discount code from MyRaceKit following registration for the race.