Female athletes

We aim to make our races as inclusive as possible. Referencing the race guidelines outlined on SheRACES, we do the following to ensure that women are encouraged to race.












Inclusive imagery

  • We use a range of imagery on the home page to ensure everyone feels welcome. There are plenty of inclusive photos of our amazing runners from previous years.

Race overview

  • We ensure that we never use words to describe the race or the route that might be off-putting.


  • We are not overly strict in enforcing cut-offs for the first couple of aid stations in the race, although we are aware of the typical pace required to finish the races;
  • The SVP50 (50k race) has generous cut-offs and is designed to be a friendly entry point to first-time ultra runners. A pace of just under 3.5mph is required to complete the race, so essentially a fast walk without stops;
  • The SVP100 (100k race) is more challenging and is designed for more experienced ultra runners. A pace of just over 4mph is required to complete the race, so essentially slightly quicker than a fast walking pace without stops.


  • We try and provide as much information as possible concerning race logistics both on the website and in the information emailed to runners in advance of the races;
  • We also have an active and friendly social media page on Facebook where people can ask questions and will receive helpful responses from the community;
  • Should runners have special requirements (such as breastfeeding athletes) we are very open to discussing these if you contact us in advance of the race. We note this in the instructions sent to all runners in advance of the race.

Deferral policy

  • Whilst we don’t typically allow deferrals, we are very open to finding a solution when contacted by runners who are pregnant. We are also happy to be contacted by partners when the race in close to the baby due date, as well those who are adopting.

Toilets and changing facilities

  • We have separate male and female toilets in the hall at the start of the SVP100, in addition to separate toilet, shower and changing facilities at the finish line in Brantham. The theatre at the start of the SVP50 also has separate male and female toilets.


  • Typically we have a mix of both male and female volunteers at all of our aid stations, including medical staff;
  • The race goes through some remote areas which some may run in the dark. We encourage runners to “buddy up” with fellow runners at aid stations and we also provide all runners with a GPS tracker;
  • We provide a minibus service to safely bring runners to the finish line should they withdraw from the race, and we also take runners from the finishing area to the closest train station so that no one has to walk their on their own in the dark.

T-shirts that fit

  • We provide both male and female t-shirt options with a wide ranges of sizes available.

Prizes and results

  • We have the same trophies and prizes for the top male and female finishers;
  • The top three male and female finishers are highlighted on our results pages.














We look forward to welcoming everyone at both the SVP100 and SVP50 and would be happy to hear any further suggestions you might have should you wish to contact us.