Hall of fame

Fastest ever 100k finishers (male): Chris Kelly (8hrs 09), Chris Kelly (8hrs 47), Michael Taylor (8hrs 58)

Fastest ever 100k finishers (female): Alice Mcgushin (10hrs 37), Sam Lewsey (10hrs 46), Maryann Devally (10hrs 57)

Fastest ever 50k finishers (male): Pete Dyson (3hrs 56), Allen Smalls (4hrs 04), Adam Young (4hrs 04)

Fastest ever 50k finishers (female): Johanna Oregon (4hrs 12), Annie Byrne (4hrs 13), Kc Lloyd (4hrs 42)

Honourable mentions: Charles Harpur (1st place 2015, 2nd place 2017), Chris Seymour (3rd place 2013, 2nd place 2014, black t-shirt owner)

Here are names of black t-shirt owning SVP100 legends and the number of times they have completed the race since it started in 2013

Name# Completed
Philip Honeywood7
Clive Davey7
Jason Allard6
Colin Harper6
Jim Comber6
Chris Johnson5
John Reynolds5
Robert Reason4
Luke Whitwell4
Benjamin Cuthbert4
Alun Lucas4
Daniel Clark4
Simon Merrick3
Mary Narey3
Steve Rulton3
Michael Quinn3
Martyn Taylor3
Michelle Gordon3
Simon Moran3
Nigel Harrison3
Tom Wake3
Paul Buckle3
Paul Wigens3
John Stoneman3
Jimmy Russell3
Luke Mackenzie Hill3
Gary Godfrey3
Chris Seymour3
Christian Gillibrand3
Mark Goodwin3
Jem Smith3
Luvuyo Mfazwe3
Dave Solomon3
Dee St Ledger3
Mark Parry3