Coronavirus – race safety

There are a number of steps we are considering to ensure that all our runners and volunteers are kept as safe as possible should government guidelines allow for small gatherings to take place. We wanted to communicate these ideas to you in advance should any of these need to be implemented on race day and we will confirm which will be employed in advance of the event so that you have time to prepare.

  • Appropriate social distancing (before, during and after the race) will be required
  • All volunteers to be provided with face masks, plastic gloves and hand sanitiser
  • Numbers to be posted to runners
  • Outdoor registration (with portable toilets available)
  • Mandatory race briefing to be provided by video ahead of the race
  • No kit-check but random checks implemented during the race
  • Rolling start – small groups of runners to be set off at intervals based upon pace
  • Face coverings for runners at aid stations (e.g. Buff or neck gaiter)
  • Mandatory use of hand sanitiser before entering and leaving aid stations
  • In addition to the usual drinks, only packaged foods will be provided at aid stations
  • Runners may be expected to carry their own food
  • Runners using the coach from Brantham Leisure Centre to Newmarket will be expected to wear a face covering during the journey and to use hand sanitiser before and after the journey
  • Access to showers and food at the finish area is likely to be limited

It is vital that we adhere to government and England Athletics guidelines to ensure the safety of everyone involved with the race, in addition to people living along the route. It goes without saying that any runners who are feeling unwell in the weeks leading up to the event should not be running the race.